Mindfulness and Organisational Wellbeing Training in the Workplace. Covering Poole, Dorset & The South-West

A mindfulness at work programme can improve focus, increase wellbeing, and decrease stress. A little investment now can create a huge difference in your organisation's future.

We work with forward thinking companies who understand that investing in their staff’s training and wellbeing is the best way to invest in their business.

If you want to get the best out of your business, you need to get the best out of your staff

Here are some statistics for you:

Mental health issues are the leading cause of sick leave in the UK. Last year stress, anxiety and depression was attributed to 44% of workplace absences.

Mental Health in the workplace costs Dorset businesses £64.5 million per year (BUPA).

On average poor mental health costs each UK employer £1,382 per employee (Dorset Mind).

Low mood can decrease productivity by 25%, with mindfulness being shown to reduce low mood and improve productivity.

Investing in employee wellbeing can reduce stress related absence by 67% (Netterstrom).


"Chris set up a programme for my staff to suit their needs. He is very experienced, professional and makes you feel so comfortable in his presence I would recommend him to anyone". Gemma, Managing Director

You can become a mindful employer, showing your staff, your clients, and your wider network that you value and support your staff. Find out what it takes to become a mindful employer with Poole Mindfulness.

Our promise: High quality professional training, tailored to the needs of your organisation. 

We meet you where you are as an evolving organisation. All of our courses are highly interactive and dynamic. Whilst each course has a structure and an agenda with learning points, we specialise in organisational psychology and group dynamics. What this means for you is that each training session is tailored to you as an individual organisation. With each sessions being live and evolving, it allows us to give you as an organisation, what you need. We identify any gaps in understanding and ensure that you leave each training feeling empowered with a greater understanding of how to achieve what you want and need. 

We pride ourselves on having 100% consistent positive feedback.

Mindfulness sessions

A once or twice a week guided mindfulness practice session. A very relevant resource in the current climate. With significant research showing reductions in stress and improved concentration and productivity, it is a win-win for businesses. Mindfulness at work will benefit both the business, and the employee, with research showing reduced sick days, less stress and burnout, greater workplace satisfaction and improved attention and memory.

We start with a free initial consultation to understand your individual organisational needs. We then follow with a mindfulness programme tailored to you. The sessions will be dynamic, adapting and evolving as we progress. This style of training means that we can meet you where you are, and provide a bespoke programme for you. 

15 minutes to 1 Hour - Ongoing

£Price on Application (POA)

Takeaway benefits:

  • Increased productivity & efficiency
  • Micro-practices - Practical ways to use Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • Improved focus
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved wellbeing
  • Reduced sickness and staff absence
  • Improved emotional intelligence
  • Improved staff engagement and morale
  • Improved team cohesion

Mental Health First Aid Training

Become a Mental Health First Aider. Learn what we mean by mental health, the continuum of wellbeing, and the varying conditions including stress, anxiety, and depression. Learn how to confidently hold conversations, and respond to crisis situations. Delivered by an expert in mental health.


Takeaway benefits:

  • Empowered staff
  • Increased confidence and understanding of wellbeing and mental health
  • Breakdown barriers
  • Support people in their symptoms and behaviours
  • Reduce sigma of mental health

Wellbeing support for staff following COVID-19

We are experienced in providing wellbeing support for staff and have developed a series of live online workshops for coping with work and life following COVID-19.

Workshop 1: How the brain processes and responds to threats
Learn about the threat response and how the brain has evolved to keep us alive. Explore how Coronavirus taps into our deepest fears and how we can regain our sense of psychological safety.

Workshop 2: Regaining resilience following COVID-19
Helping staff cope with the aftermath of what's already happened, and regaining resilience to cope with confidence in the future. Learning tools for resilience and stress management.

Workshop 3: Coping with the uncertainty that Coronavirus has left behind
Understand how our mind likes certainty, and how we can work with the brain to manage this. Learn how to increase your tolerance of uncertainty in the face of the pandemic.

Workshop 4: Build your emotional intelligence
Here we cover how to develop your understanding of how you think, feel, and behave in response to stress, and how you can gain mastery over your mood states. Understanding how the mind works, allows us to hack into our nervous system to find resilience and calm in the face of stress.

Grounded in research and using the latest evidence-base, these workshops will provide you with a toolkit designed to inform and empower you and your team.

If you are interested in the above, resilience training or mindfulness for staff, we have various options available to meet all budgets.

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Building Resilience with Mindfulness

Do you want to futureproof your staff?

Do you want to create mental resilience in your workforce?

This is a comprehensive programme delivered by an expert in resilience who lectures at Post-Graduate University level. We guarantee that this is the best training on resilience that you will find. This training introduces what resilience is, proven evidence-based techniques on how to build resilience, and how the mind and physiology of the body works to install lasting traits of resilience. Based on the latest science, we introduce Mindfulness as a proven resilience technique, as well as other strategies to use as a resource to provide lasting resilience in your day to day life.

Half day or Full day (More extensive) - We also offer one to one personal resilience training for managers or leaders.  


Takeaway benefits:

  • Improved performance during change and other times of stress
  • Increased mental resilience
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced staff absence
  • Improved coping strategies resulting in increased staff performance
  • Increased staff engagement and team working
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Improved confidence
  • Better awareness of managing employees and their development

Mental Health Awareness - Basic, and Advanced

A popular course for mental health awareness week, or anytime you want to understand about mental health at work. We offer training for staff and leaders on understanding what mental health is, and how to recognise and understand these things in a practical and supportive way. We cover the many different types of depression, anxiety and stress, as well as how to have conversations with staff.

Half day (basic) or Full Day (advanced)


Takeaway benefits:

  • Improved understanding of mental health for managers, leaders and staff
  • Improved confidence at managing mental health issues for the workforce
  • Reduced stress for employees and leaders
  • Increased engagement in the workplace
  • Reduced sickness and absence
  • Improved emotional intelligence

Resilience Training for Leaders

Managing and leading a team has its challenges and leaders should feel equipped to manage these challenges with confidence. This course uses the latest research in organisational psychology to give you the knowledge and skills to enable yourself and your team to perform at your best. Learn to optimise your personal strengths and future-proof your wellbeing. Become a resilient and mindful leader and master your mind and body.

Half day or Full day


Takeaway benefits:

  • An in-depth understanding of your own personal resilience
  • Increased mental resilience
  • Greater self-awareness
  • More awareness of your wider team and understanding their resilience
  • Improved emotional intelligence
  • Greater wellbeing and improved confidence
  • Knowing the qualities of a resilient leader

Mental Health and Mindfulness

Mindfulness has been shown to improve mental health and wellbeing by countless studies. Using evidence-based approaches this course introduces how mindfulness can support people in their wellbeing.

Half day or Full Day


Takeaway benefits:

  • Improved understanding for managers, leaders and staff
  • Improved confidence at managing mental health issues
  • Reduced stress for employees and leaders
  • Increased mental resilience
  • Greater self-awareness and clarity of awareness of the wider team
  • Improved emotional intelligence

Creative Thinking at Work

Creativity is the catalyst for change and innovation and this course explores how we can create the opportunities for creativity in business. This interactive course covers what creativity is and the conditions required to access it, including blocks to creative thinking. Exercises to spark your creativity and tools you can takeaway to drive creativity forward in your organisation. Excellent as a team building package or for teams that want to break out of the same old way of working.

Full day


Takeaway benefits:

  • Improved creative thinking in team meetings and projects
  • Less reacting and more responding in pressured situations at work
  • Increase in creative thinking and problem-solving capacity
  • Break free from the status-Quo

Overcome Anxiety With Public Speaking

Using the latest research in Psychology, this training focuses on overcoming anxiety with public speaking. This training will leave you with skills equipping you to deliver a presentation at your best. Learn how to use your mind, your posture and imagery techniques to help with confidence. Find out why people fear public speaking so much and learn how to use the psychology of the mind to overcome this fear. This is the best course you will find in helping you speak confidentially in public.

Half day or Full Day


What’s covered:

  • Learning the latest research in the psychology of the brain and how we process tasks such as public speaking
  • How to prepare for public speaking and presentations
  • How to use your body and posture to feel more confident
  • How to gain control over your mind in public speaking
  • How to manage nerves
  • How to engage audiences
  • How to deal with difficult audiences

Team Building

Anything from a two hour talk on mindfulness or resilience, to a full day, to an overnight catered event. Something indoors, or something outdoors in nature. Tell us what you want to get out of your team building event, and we'll put the rest into it.

Do you want greater team cohesion?
Do you want to improve your team's creativity?
Do you want to strengthen your team's resilience?
Do you want to learn mindfulness?
Or would your team just benefit from some time away from the office?

We are experienced in leading team building events and we can organise the whole event for you, or just run a slot focused on mindfulness, resilience or creativity. Tell us what you want, and we will look after the rest. Being experts in human behaviour we can help you get the best out of your team.


Takeaway benefits:

  • Increased mental resilience
  • Improved team cohesion
  • Improved staff morale
  • Increase in creative thinking
  • Deeper satisfaction with work

Tailor-Made Courses

We also offer tailor-made workshops and courses for your organisation. We can deliver anything from an introduction to mindfulness, to a full course on mindfulness, team building, presentation skills courses and other bespoke options to meet your needs. We work individually with you and your team, using mindfulness and the latest psychological research to develop a package that meets your needs.


These courses are brought to you risk free. We are so confident in the quality and content of our trainings, and so sure of the lasting benefits of these courses, that we offer a full money back guarantee for all sessions booked. If you are not satisfied with the course, then you can have all your money back.

Our promise: High quality professional training, tailored to the needs of your organisation. 

We pride ourselves on having 100% consistent positive feedback.

Wellbeing support for staff

We are also experienced in providing Employee Support Programs for organisations, supporting for staff that may be struggling with their mental health at work. We can provide confidential one to one support for your staff, or support in advocacy, helping to reduce sickness absence and return staff to work quicker.

As well as the courses we offer, we can also provide a custom workplace audit. This is a specialist analysis along with recommendations to addressing wellbeing, absence, employee engagement, and productivity in your workplace. Providing you with key practical advice for behavioural and policy change, facilitating a positive culture of wellbeing, and allowing your organisation to thrive.

You can become a mindful employer, showing your staff, your clients, and your wider network that you value and support your staff. Find out what it takes to become a mindful employer with Poole Mindfulness.

Some of the people we've worked with:

"Mindfulness in the workplace has been incredible. My team are more calm, less stressed and more productive! Chris came in to our team for 5 sessions once a week and I saw the transformation after the first session. We work so much better as a team now and our results are showing the benefits, thank you".

"All of it was incredibly interesting and useful, and really enlightening to be introduced to a new way of viewing and getting to know yourself"

"A very big thank you from me to Chris for so eloquently and professionally introducing me to new ideas and opening my mind to a new way to be grateful for whom I am, what I have, and for the life that I live"