We currently have no 4 week courses scheduled as we are currently busy running bespoke courses for businesses. If you would like to organise a tailor-made course, please contact us. Or if you would like to check out our mindfulness online website, click here.



The 4 week course is designed to teach you the beginnings of what mindfulness is and the benefits. Over the 4 weeks you will be introduced to mindfulness practice and will also be provided with access to mindfulness recordings to practice in your own time. Each week builds on the last to support you on your journey working through any difficulties as they arise.


"I feel more focused, more productive, and procrastinate less. I'm more tolerant of others, and less judgmental. I love the light-hearted and friendly approach. Chris has great knowledge and skill".


Learn how to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve chronic pain and low mood
  • Live more in the present moment
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Sleep better
  • Slow down and respond, rather than react
  • Improve your general wellbeing


£49 for the 4 week course. Mindfulness recordings included for take home practice.

100% of the participants on the last course said they would recommend it to a friend or family member.


There is plenty of free parking available. Advance booking required. Groups are kept small to aid learning. Book early to avoid disappointment.


Past feedback:

"The course has really shown me how to reduce stress and anxiety in my life. I have learnt to slow down and be more patient and less judgemental. I'm more productive and all my colleagues at work have noticed a positive difference in me. I now have a wealth of techniques to help me through challenging times and the learning in the group environment was just fantastic. Excellent teacher and very insightful".

"I know myself so much better after this course. I feel much more confident about managing my emotions and feel so much more peaceful. I'm so much better at living in the moment and found learning about mindfulness very interesting. I wish the course was longer".

"This really helped me with sleep and with my exercise routine. I am less negative and more calm. Chris has a great style of teaching and his pace and way of answering questions is just perfect. I can't recommend this course enough".