If you are a business or group then we can cater for your needs. We can hold a one-off session for your group, or create a tailor-made course for your company, workplace or team. Just ask! We offer training on resilience which has proven very successful. Workplaces have a responsibility for your welfare, and mindfulness has been shown to reduce workplace stress, lower levels of absenteeism, increase productivity at work and improve team working. With mental health issues being the leading cause of sick leave, mindfulness can help. Google have used mindfulness for their staff for years now. Catch up with them as well as other successful companies like BT, Nuffield Health and Capital One as well as the UK Parliament. If you think you might be interested in some workplace training, please contact Chris.

If you love being outdoors or have an interest in nature, check out our mindfulness in nature section.

You can also access our mindfulness practices online, visit our partner site: www.mindguide.co.uk

There are so many courses out there which exclude men. Recently a friend of mine went to join a yoga course and was told he couldn't because he was a man. It can be the same for mindfulness courses. Now we have a course uniquely tailored for men. Check it out here.

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch with Chris on 07515 478034 or email chris@poolemindfulness.co.uk