Mindfulness and nature go hand in hand and now time out in nature is being prescribed by GPs to improve wellbeing. We offer various events and courses covering mindfulness and wellbeing in nature in Dorset.


Mindfulness in Nature Course

A four week course using mindfulness to help you connect to nature.

Working in conjuction with Moors Valley Country Park and Forest we bring you this unique course designed to help you improve your wellbeing and learn about mindfulness and nature.

For more info and booking visit Moors Valley.


Foraging Walks   

Walking in Nature can help bring us to our senses and where better to do this than the Dorset coast? Join us on this foraging walk connecting to nature and the great outdoors.

Learn how to identify edible wild plants and flowers. Spend some time becoming more aware of your senses and adopt a more curious and non-judgemental attitude towards foraging. There is no need for any mindfulness experience, just a wish to live more in the moment and the desire to come for a walk in the woods and some curiosity about what you can and can't taste. 

Why foraging? There's no better way to be present than just walking along wandering what you can eat!

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For more on wellbeing in nature, visit www.explore-the-wild.co.uk our partner site.