Mindfulness/ Psychology in the Workplace, South-West and London


We offer tailor-made workshops and courses for your company. We can deliver anything from an introduction to mindfulness, to a full course on mindfulness, team building and team cohesion, presentation skills courses and other bespoke options to meet your needs. Click here for our course on presentation skills.

We incorporate psychological tools to help you get the best out of your colleagues. Other areas you may be interested in are improving team morale, wellbeing in the workplace, mental health awareness, enhancing creativity, managing stress, and increasing productivity. We work individually with you and your team, using mindfulness and the latest psychological research to develop a package that meets your needs.

Mindfulness at work will benefit the company, and the employee with research showing reduced sick days, less stress and burnout, greater workplace satisfaction and improved attention and memory.


A little investment now can create a huge difference in your future. Mental Health in the workplace costs Dorset businesses £64.5 million per year, (BUPA). On average poor mental health costs each UK employer £1,382 per employee, (Dorset Mind). We can train you on resilience and stress management.


"Mindfulness in the workplace has been incredible. My team are more calm, less stressed and more productive! Chris came in to our team for 5 sessions once a week and I saw the transformation after the first session. We work so much better as a team now and our results are showing the benefits, thank you".

"All of it was incredibly interesting and useful, and really enlightening to be introduced to a new way of viewing and getting to know yourself"

"A very big thank you from me to Chris for so eloquently and professionally introducing me to new ideas and opening my mind to a new way to be grateful for whom I am, what I have, and for the life that I live"