Poole Mindfulness was founded in 2015 by Chris Finn, a Mindfulness Teacher and fully qualified and accredited Psychotherapist. Chris has a passion for mindfulness and for teaching and has been practicing mindfulness himself since 2006. Chris has now been teaching mindfulness for over 10 years, facilitating courses for both groups and individuals. Chris's background in psychology as well as his training in group dynamics, enables him to bring excellent facilitation and leadership skills in various settings allowing for the best learning. Chris has taught mindfulness in various environments and to varied audiences, ranging from staff wellbeing days, mindfulness and wellbeing in the workplace, open courses for the public, and mindfulness in nature. Chris also has a love for the outdoors which has led him in training to become an Ecotherapist.


Our team of mindfulness teachers, psychologists, eco-therapists and trainers have spent over a decade teaching mindfulness and other techniques to help people grow and thrive. We have spent time in corporate workplaces and other businesses promoting workplaces to get the best out of people. We are experts in human behaviour and have the trainers to show you how to be the best version of yourself and get the same from your team.

Our mindfulness programmes have helped improve wellbeing, low mood, stress, anxiety, chronic pain and other long-term health conditions.

We also run courses in presentation skills, wellbeing at work, mental health awareness and other tailor-made programmes.

We teach our courses to both large and small groups, teachers, managers and leaders as well as parents and employees.

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