4 Week Course

This course is designed to teach you the beginnings of what mindfulness is the benefits, and how to practice.

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8 Week Course

The 8 week course incorporates elements of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

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Mindfulness for Sport

Focus, breathe, achieve. See how mindfulness can help you realise your potential.

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What approach does Poole Mindfulness use?
With mindfulness practice you can really learn how your attention works. The real trick to learn is when things need your attention, and when they don’t. So when something in your mind calls for your attention such as a worry or fear, you can almost have an internal dialogue where you notice the worry pop into your present moment awareness, and you ask “does this need my attention?” There’s real wisdom in knowing the answer to that question in the moment. Or maybe you have chronic pain, and your pain is calling for your attention, we can learn how much attention that pain needs. The more we learn how to direct and use our attention, the more freedom we have. I see my role as firstly teaching you how attention works, and then how you can master it. With quality courses and consistent positive feedback, we are here to meet all of your needs.


“I was new to Mindfulness when a friend told me about Poole Mindfulness. At the time I was struggling to sleep at night and felt anxious about my very busy life. Chris Finn the founder took our introductory class. He is a warm, kind and knowledgeable person who delivers each session in a respectful and professional manner. His explanation and depth of knowledge of the subject makes it easy to follow and understand. Within just two weeks of attending and committing to 10 minutes Mindfulness homework a day, I am sleeping through the night and feel totally at peace. Plus I have become more productive at work. I highly recommend his excellent sessions - they are transforming my daily life!” ~ Julie, Entrepreneur

Which Course is right for me?

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